September 28, 2018

Hawaii (Honolulu & Nawiliwili)

Trip has been pretty smooth sailing so far (forgive the pun). First stop in Honolulu and we did some errands and visited Waikiki Beach. For a minute I thought I saw Don Johnson but it was just some wanabe reminiscing about the 80’s. Very beautiful beach but we did not have anytime to enjoy it. We did stop to have some traditional coconut and pineapple shaved ice which was better than ice cream on a hot humid day in the city. Not necessarily thrilled about Oahu but after being on the ship for 4 days straight it was a chance to get off.

Our next stop was in Kauai. Much more laid back island and we loved it there. Spent the day touring the island. Along the way we stopped at a place called the Spouting Horn. It’s a natural lava tube that the ocean water rushes through an creates a geyser. It makes a sound just like a whale when the spout water through their blowhole. Then on to Waimea Canyon that’s called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific but a lot more greener. Of course Robb said “it’s just another hole in the ground”. No matter what he says, I thought it was beautiful. Although had to get pictures really quick since it clouds up really fast. The drive back to the ship was along the coast past some beautiful beaches. I know that many of my friends may have watched Fantasy Island back in the 70’s. The opening seen where Tattoo says “The plane Boss, the plane” was filmed here at Wailua Falls. Also, many movies were also filmed on this island such as South Pacific, Blue Hawaii, Jurassic Park and Raiders of the Lost Ark.  I can see why anyone that visits here loves Hawaii.

Learned some interesting facts about Hawaii on this visit. Pineapples and sugar cane have not been grown here since the mid 80’s. The labor became too expense to harvest them and there was also a hurricane that destroyed many of the fields. So now instead many of the islands all produce coffee. It only takes a couple of years for the coffee plants to grow and the volcanic soil adds to the flavor. Yes, more coffee for me.

Today I was pondering the color of Blue. Our creator must have loved the color blue as I look out over the sea today. The ocean is the color of the most bluest eyes you have ever seen. The sky is the color of a robin’s egg as it sits in the nest. As the ship chugs along and the propellers churn up the ocean, there is another color of blue. This time it is mixed with the white foam it creates and looks like a wonderful relaxing bubble bath. It is hard to describe the many shades of the colors I am seeing. Think about all of the things you come in contact with each day and all the colors you see. It is very overwhelming but gratify to think that this world is full of wonderful color. 

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