About Us

My husband and I have always loved to travel. For years while we were working we took vacations to a different countries or to a certain area of a country looking for a place to settle overseas in retirement. We were already accustomed to moving often since we moved around the US every couple of years whenever I took a new job assignment. So we thought, why not do the same thing but this time around the world.

We both worked for the US Federal Government and had the option of retiring while we were young and have pensions that would help out with the travel costs. So we spent a couple of years planning on how to get rid of all of our stuff, where we would travel to and what was going to be our budget in each country.

Now we are out to live an adventure of a lifetime. These are stories that happened on our epic journey around the world. We plan to live anywhere in the world that feels like home at least for a little while. While there we will explore the sites and enjoy the culture, food and people of our adopted country.

Come follow us everywhere we may go!

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